The flavor and color of honey are determined by the nectar of the flowers that the honey bees visit.

We never add anything to impart the uniqueness of the flavour. Our varieties of honey also differ on consistency, colour, taste, and aroma. These distinctions depend not only on flowers where the bees collect nectar, but also on the climate, season and race of the bees.

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We are a health-driven natural honey and saffron company.

Nawabees was founded by Masood in September 2020 with the simple promise to deliver only the highest quality, natural honey and saffron. And we’ve been pouring our hearts into it ever since. Nawabees is family owned and operated from Hyderabad.

But our real heroes are the local beekeepers and farmers who make sure that the bees remain safe and their needs are fulfilled.

“Highest quality forest honey and Kashmiri saffron that is produced sustainably, harvested ethically, and delivered with love.”

For us, honey is more than just a food product, it’s a natural resource. It’s a product of countless bees working tirelessly and, therefore, it is only fair that we bring the fruit of their labour in its purest, natural form to you.

Nawabees is dedicated to bringing you deliciously healthy honey and saffron that your entire family will love!

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